The Operations Division in Rail Polska provides transport services in its own rolling stock, as well as rolling stock owned by customers. Railway movements have operated since 2003, based on granted licenses and permits. We operate whole-train movements of bulk goods and carry single wagons or groups of wagons with commodities like coal, iron ore, aggregate, wood, fuels, chemicals and others. We also operate intermodal movements, extraordinary movements, inclusive of special movements, such as oversized movements or movements of newly-built railway vehicles without permits or approvals for operation. We carry goods all over Poland and to and from the West, South and East of Europe. In cooperation with our customers, we follow a rule that a rate for transportation of one tonne does not depend exclusively on a distance between stations of dispatch and delivery but also on volumes carried. We prepare for new, major transport undertakings in a tailor-made manner. Proper preparation for such movements requires correct identification of commercial and technological conditions, wise selection of suitable locomotives and wagons and good organization of the transport process. Thanks to individual and precise approach to each project, we are able to offer a competitive freight rate. During contracted performance, we provide our customers with detailed information on realized movements, inclusive of current location of transported goods. Rail Polska takes advantage of Rail World’s exceptional experience gained all over the world in developing efficient railway transport undertakings. International experience combined with the Polish team’s potential allow Rail Polska to meet customers’ expectations in realization of railway transport services, also in the Polish market.


  • bulk movements of raw materials, products and commodities - for power plants, heat generating plants, chemical and automotive industries, coal mines and quarries, sugar plants and cement plants, individual customers, etc.
  • technical movements – especially of goods which have to be transported in special wagons (e.g. assigned for transport of chemicals) and transport of commodities which, due to their weight and dimensions, require wagons of special construction (overgaged movements),
  • railway services such as transport of wagons, locomotives, passenger traction vehicles – operable or assigned for repairs, newly built,
  • intermodal transport (goods packed in a container, etc.),
  • transport of extraordinary consignments,
  • the Hazardous Materials Transportation

Director of Operations Division
tel. 33-842-90-40

Vice Director of Operations Division
tel. 33-842-90-48

Head of Marketing Department
tel. 33-842-90-96

Main Dispatcher
tel. 33-842-90-93

Dispatching Center (24h/7days)
tel. 33-842-90-42
mobile +48 601 491 073

Head of Rolling Stock Operation Department
tel. 33-842-90-44